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Azure Field Notes is maintained by a group of technology professionals with deep experience in Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack, System Center and cloud in general (including other public and private clouds). We will post on topics ranging from high level guidance around when to use which cloud provider and how to think about billing and compliance, all the way down to in the weeds Powershell scripts and hardware configurations. It is important to note that any opinions and content posted on this website reflect the views of the authors, not of our employers or Microsoft. However the content on this website is owned by Avanade, a subsidiary of Accenture and my not be reproduced without written permission. All rights are reserved.

Matthew QuickendenMatthew Quickenden

Working with private cloud solutions for several years. Heavy focus on virtualization and automation. Recently working to help business move into and consume true cloud solutions.

Mike DeLucaMike DeLuca

Mike is Avanade's Global Azure Cloud Enablement (ACE) team lead. With over 20 years of industry experience, Mike has helped the world’s premier enterprises and online properties run efficient, agile and responsive operations. Mike holds fifteen technology certifications and holds several patents in cloud related technologies.

Chris SpeersChris Speers

Systems Engineer Par Excellence within Avanade's Azure Cloud Enablement Group.

Danny McDermottDanny McDermott

Danny is a Cloud Architect within the Azure Cloud Enablement Team, based in the UK.

Shashwat ChandraShashwat Chandra

Shashwat Chandra is Cloud Solution Architect with Avanade's Azure Cloud Enablement (ACE) team at Accenture. With over 13+ years of industry experience , Shashwat has helped numerous enterprises in there journey on cloud.

Mike WilliamsMike Williams

Software developer working with public cloud and hybrid cloud technologies since 2014 and System Center products since 2009 with heavy emphasis on system integration and enterprise cloud solutions.

Robert HenryRobert Henry

Robert is a Cloud Architect on Avanade's Global Azure Cloud Enablement (ACE) team. He has been with Avanade for 11 years delivering Microsoft technology and cloud solutions for large enterprise customers.

Ryan FemlingRyan Femling

I'm a Sr Consultant with Avanade specializing in Azure cloud solutions. I have 19 years of IT experience.

Jason ShermanJason Sherman

Jason is a developer with Avanade’s Azure Cloud Enablement (ACE) team.

Giovanni FleresGiovanni Fleres

Giovanni is a cloud solution architect with several years of experience supporting business to move their workload towards private, hybrid and public cloud models.

James RookeJames Rooke

James is a member of Avanade's Azure Cloud Enablement (ACE) team. With 15 years infrastructure consulting experience in the Microsoft ecosystem, James has worked in networking, messaging and end user computing but now focuses on bringing enterprises to the Cloud with Azure and PowerShell.

Barry ShilmoverBarry Shilmover

Barry is a Director and Cloud Infrastructure Architect with Avanade's Azure Cloud Enablement (ACE) team. He has over 20 years experience including his own consulting and software companies and working for large, Fortune 500 companies (including nearly 10 years with Microsoft in the Windows Server and System Center groups and NetApp). Barry has published several books and articles in the field and holds several patents and certifications.

Mark BakunasMark Bakunas

Mark is a cloud infrastructure architect with Avanade's Azure Cloud Enablement (ACE) team.

Israel SlobodkinIsrael Slobodkin

I have been developing Enterprise applications and websites over the past 12+ years since the beginnings of .Net. My current role is a cloud architect and developer focused on Azure. In this role I create cloud-first tools and solutions leveraging many PaaS-based Azure services.

Will Van AllenWill Van Allen

Will Van Allen oversees lab operations for Avanade’s Azure Cloud Enablement (ACE) team.

Steve HunterSteve Hunter

Steve is a senior architect with over 20 years experience designing and implementing Microsoft-based solutions. He's currently a member of the Azure Enablement Team (ACE) with a focus on delivering end-to-end hybrid cloud solutions for global customers.

Lee TalbertLee Talbert

Lee is a cloud infrastructure architect with Avanade’s Azure Cloud Enablement (ACE) team.

Devin LusbyDevin Lusby

Cloud Solutions Architect specializing in ARM automation